Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vawk By Sunny Fong fall 2011 at LG Fashion Week

No big surprise but todays Vawk runway show was... amazing. He kept to his true style with classic tailoring, but also spiced it up a little with fur trim in military inspired lines. Accents of leather and sheer made me want to run backstage and steal garments, and ofcourse his jackets were to die for. I was surprised that there was no corseting, and nothing too complex. He kept it simple but tailored it to a t. He also used a couple of off beat models, one slightly more mature (but still so amazing, she got an applause) and one curvier (and also still amazing). 
My favourite model was Rochelle Tenholder. She'll be on the big runways next season so keep a watch for her fabulousness. 

My favourite things were: A leather Shirt with a skinny leather tie. SO HOT
A red knee length wool? coat with fur cuffs and trim on the bottom in angular lines. 
I also loved black wool? coat with leather accents. 

Not my cup of tea to wear but kindof cool: He used crochette/knit pieces and pannels. Including sleeves on a jacket and parts of a dress. They were unique but would be dry clean only, and could pull easily. 

My least favourite was the gorillaesque jacket and vest. (we all know I hate long haired fur)
and a dress with fur accents around the shoulders. I'm not sure where one would wear it, not to mention that it looks like the models chest and back hair was escaping from within.

Lundstrom fall 2011 at LG Fashion week

I LOVED some of the pieces in Lundstrom! Big fur hats, wonderful tailored jackets, and two black show stopping dresses walked the runway today. The models weren't overdone, and there was no special effects. The clothing spoke for itself. 

The Star LG Fashion week

Tasha and I are in the same album as the designer of Joe Fresh,  Sylvia Mantella, Suzanne Boyd, Jeremy Laing, and Amanda Lew Kee in the Toronto Star.

LG FW Photolog wed.

Tasha and I in the showroom

Krane designs. 
Their female model was STUNNING, even in menswear. 

Comrags. Not my cup of tea. 

More Comrags. The two designers daughters went and gave them flowers after. super cute. 

Jay Manuel intro. Yes there were two attractive security guards who took away the curtain that dropped to the floor. They even stood guard for 30 min before the show started without flinching. 

Mr. Jay himself. 

24 hr newspaper shots fashion week

Here are online shots from the 24 hr newspaper Toronto Edition, these shots are also in the print form. NBD

Here is meeeee 

And this is my roomie Tasha. 

Jay Manuel for Attitude for Sears fall 2011

Last night I went to Jay Manuel's Attitude show at LG Fashion Week. 
Although I was impressed by the colour combinations, and looks I was severely unimpressed that the show was over an hour late, making the next show an hour and a half late, making me get home FAR to late.

This was my least favourite dress. The bow looks like its made of garbage bags. 

Jay managed to style the low price point garments to look like mid to upper priced garments. Of course the models walked with sass, and the music literally jazzed it up. 

My favourite pieces were the boots (thigh high leather stilettos, bright leather gloves, bright leggings, and cheetah dresses. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Triumph Inspiration Photo shoot

This is a still shot from a cigarette commercial my friend Justin Black did for a project. Katie Bishop is the female model and i feel like a big jerk for forgetting the male models name!! I'll fix that shortly....

I'm STUNNED by how amazing this turned out. 
p.s. this was shot in his living room. no big deal. 

Chloe Comme Parris Backstage fall 2011

Today was the fall 2011 show at lg fashion week and needless to say it was anything but boring!
My feet are killing me, my mind can't believe it all happened, and well I feel short not modelesque. On the other hand today was full of hustle and bustle and crazy running around. From grabbing hundreds of heavy magazines in heels to changing models in a hurry today was amazing.

There were only a few moments today that I had to stop and think. But a few non CCP moments stand out. One was "no big deal Jennie Becker is only a few feat away from me..."
Another was "wow I've seen a lot of naked boobs and butts today..."
and another was "this guys body suit is nuts, oh wait he's in a thong and painted and I'm 3" from his bare butt..." p.s. that was NOT part of the CCP show, but the crazy show afterwards.

After the show there was a hustle and a bustle and an eviction from backstage as the next show had to get ready. The press was in a rush to invterview Chloe and Parris Gordon, and Andina, Lache, and I were in a rush to get all the garments, bags, shoes, scarves, jewelry, and models out the door. Only one pair of pants went missing but were recovered... FROM THE FLOOR!!!! There was no shoe mishapps or nipslipps. One crystal sash broke, but most of the pieces were recovered. The volunteers and dressers were amazing, special thanks to Kay! Awesome girl who stepped in and helped with whatever needed helping all day long! Also special thanks to the two dressers who were smiling, laughing, and making us all happy.

So far only a few photos are up but I'm sure in the days to come I'll be able to find some that I'm freaking out in the background of.

Metro News said " Sisters Chloe and Parris Gordon brought the hardware and offered up some skin-baring looks steeped in basic black and neutral tones as they unveiled the latest designs from their Chloe comme Parris label at Toronto's LG Fashion Week on Tuesday.

Gleaming, oversized buckles served as stylish, if unexpected, adornments, fashioned as epaulettes on coats and fastened on hems of shorts. Jangling, shiny silver clips dangled from loose black threads fastened on cosy shawls and wraps.

Beyond the sky-high front slits, the designers took a more peek-a-boo approach to their featured separates, baring hip bones on some pieces while flaunting oversized keyhole cutouts on slender-cut short and pant hems.

Contrast was the name of the game, from dual-toned jackets to sleeve and back panels of breezy shirts constructed from sheer panels. They played amply with proportion on shirts and tops, which featured exaggerated, elongated tail hems that rippled delicately as models strutted down the runway."

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dresses I love!

Coppola Oriental Print Dress


Botanical Print Shift Dress


Oriental Belle Printed Shift Dress


Piped Printed Sundress


Print Contrast Strap Prom Dress


Matt & Shine Full Skirted Dress


Fleur Embroidered 60s Dress


Cowl Neck 2 in 1 Workwear Dress


All From Oasis 

Sucker Punch!

Last night I went and saw Sucker Punch. The latest in action drama thriller. I won't give any details because I don't want to ruin the movie but I'll give it a quick review. 

It was basically a smart combination of Moulin, Sailor Moon, Lord of the Rings, Karate Kid, Inception, Star Wars, and a couple of other movies. It was a perfect combination of storyline and twists and you were never too too lost, but you still had to pay attention. Afterwards my boyfriend and I debated a couple of points which is always a good sign. 
I fell in LOVE with the costumes and imagined how fun it would be to be the head designer. As well I think perhaps I will be one of them for halloween! 
As for the actors, The lead, Emily Browning, or Baby Doll, did an AMAZING job, and pulled of the role to a t.

 Vanessa hudgson, who played Blondie, I thought was a strange pick, but she did a good job of standing there and looking pretty. 

Abbie Cornish who played Sweet Pea, was a strange pick. She is not super curvacious like the 
other girls, and she is not shockingly beautiful, but she was supposed to be the star of the
 un-named place i shall not give clues to....

Jamie Chung who played Amber was AMAZING and I wish I got to see more of her. I might have a slight 
girl crush on her, and want to be her for halloween. 

Jena Malone who plays rocket did a stunning job. I am not one for short hair on younger women
 but she pulled off the look and it went perfectly with her character!