Thursday, March 29, 2012

Georges Hobeika A/W '12 Look Book

This is my first time seeing this designer, Georges Hobeika. I love some of his looks but feel as though his collection as a whole needs editing. I don't particularly like the weird armholes in some of the garments, with square shoulder things sticking out. I also don't see the flow in the colour palate... did he just close his eyes and point to the pantone colours of the season chart?? I do love his use of jewels, cut outs, and woman's curves. 

This is so random!. but ok...

This ones looses her tiny waist.



This style line is so slimming. 

This ones superb. Thats saying a lot seeing that I don't like orange. 

I love the metal belts. They must not be comfortable but man they look good. 



LOVE IT. Want it. Hate the shoes with it though. 

UGH this ones horrible. All the other outfits accentuate curves. This one makes this tiny model into a box. 

This ones so close to being cute. Yet its not..

Monday, March 26, 2012

Closet case: Joan Rivers

Who knew that Joan Rivers was so cool!!!
Her outlook on fashion is so refreshing. Never be boring, have fun. 
I was a little shocked when she said her designer jacket was old and that she added fur and cut it though. I guess once I'm that wealthy I might do the same but if I had a designer anything right now I'd put it in a vault and just look at it every so often. 



I LOVEEEEEE these outfits. I haven't seen anything like them before. They are all interesting to look at, and somehow simple yet filled with pattern. They are also romantic, easy to wear (with a few exceptions), and fun!

This is AMAZING. I couldn't mix patterns this well if i tried. I also love the reinvention of the shoulder and neck shapes. 


This skirt somehow makes tying your sweatshirt around your waist almost cool. 

Lizard? Maze? So COOL!!

The structural pocket shape is amazing. I'd love to see the pattern for them.

YES there are two unicorns on this dress!!

YSL Spring 2012 Shoes

The metal tip band on the front is AMAZING. I love the tin detail on it. The heel is perfect for actual wear, and the colour is superb.  Most importantly the contrast between the shiny and the suede is chic and expensive. 

LOVE THE MOSE. I want mint everything PLEASE AND THANKS

LOVE. Who doesn't like black!

Love also

HATE. These ones are aweful! Who knew that the same shape shoe could be so easily ruined. 

Jumpsuits all the rage

Pre-Fall 2012/213

Chain Halter Jumpsuit
Victoria Secret

Derek Lam
Coral Silk Viscose Crepe


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Computer Illustration- Brie Reid

Naomi Clark's character on 90210 has been known to wear some strange outfits, some amazing outfits, and some.... slutty... ones. The dress she is wearing above I LOVE, especially with the gold shoes. It shoes a little leg, and a LITTLE cleavage but not to much of anything. 
Naomi's sister is well known for being a fashionista as well, although she is annoying so I tend not to notice her outfits!! I love the plum colour pants on Naomi in this shot. 

I loved the swimsuit which Naomi Clark was wearing in 90210 season 4 episode 18.  This sleek gold-strapped swimsuit is from Michael Kors' spring/summer 2012 collection. We can wear it as a bodysuit with maxi skirt ;) This glamorous figure-flattering style will turn heads on vacation!

I dislike white swimsuits as one can ALWAYS see a little hair poking through or a nipple through the wet material. I Love the black below! WANT WANT WANT can't afford :( 

I'd love to see Naomi in this dress!!! I'd also love it for myself... for a gala in L.A. (in my dreams). 

I'd love to see Naimo in these two swimsuits! I'd also love the one above for myself.