Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turban Trend

I have been wanting a turban for a while, infact i've been wanting a turban headband, a silk turbn, a velvet turban, and maybe a cheetah print one as well. I go through fazes where i become obsessed with object and i continue to desire them until i get one. Its a horrible way of living, but I do love fashion.
Today while shopping I went on a hunt and couldn't find anything remotely similar to what I am looking for. A friend then made a simple turban headband while we were hanging out so I was inspired to research different turban making methods. They are so simple to make, involving 2 pieces, I shall go home and make many tonight ( or maybe tomorrow depending on how badly i need to shower! HA)

here are some inspirational photos

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christian Dior RTW S/S 11

The Christian Dior RTW S/S 2011 line has a wonderful mix of wearable pieces that anyone from me to my mother could wear. It also has an array of knotted dresses, feathered necks, and rope shoes. It mixes 1960's pin up girl makeup, hair, and sunglasses with an easy going, flow, and colour, from the 1970's. 

This ruffled dress would be well suited to a fancy teaparty in a garden. I wish these types of events happened more frequently.

knit shorts, knit short sleeve sweater, a little suede vest, and chunky knit socks! 

This knotted dress made of strips of a blue and white printed material is not very wearable but it  is a dream!

WHAT ARE THESE?! enough said

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Studs are the fashion of. well.... always. (in my generation at least)
I love finding new items to stud, but always get stuck on where to stud them and with what colour, shape, and size of studs.
Studs can INSTANTLY make any item look expensive, and trendy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

sky heels

Soon to hit shelves around the globe are the Sky Heels
They are a monsterous 9 inches high and have been "demanded" by women because of stars like Gaga and Victoria Beckham wearing heels of crazy heights. They are to be under $100 a pair, but in all actually who would be able to walk in them?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sam Edelman

Today my good friend Tina G introduced me to a shoe designer. As soon as I saw his designs I recognized a few pairs of boots I had cried over in shoe stores in the past.
His shoes are a unique blend of studs and fem fetal.

 The first image is of my lasts desire. A spike and jewel encrusted pair of black humps. They also come in white snakeskin!

The second is of the original boots I wouldn't allow myself to pick up in the store because I knew I would end up in tears when the sales associates would have to force me to put them down and leave.

Sam's adds are breath taking, eye catching, and undisputedly racy. They involve naked women with items purposely placed over privates. The minimalism ultimately draws you to two things. Of course the shoes, and then the goddess you wish you could look and feel like. Sam has made me believe that if I own his shoes I will look and feel like her too! Good job!

long hair

     This year above all others I have noticed everyone going on a magic food binge. I have heard all the secrets and laugh at a lot but use others. Avacads (although 260 calories each) are supposed to do wonders for your skin. Then almonds are supposed to prevent breast cancer.
     I have an old obsession ( 5 years old actually) of growing my hair out. All the way down to by bum if possible. I figure that I am only young once so I should grow it out now. My hair is always angry at me for moving back and forth across the country. Water alkali levels have a huge effect on the dryness/oilynes levels in your hair. Long healthy hair is huge this year, but so is hair dyed so blonde that its white/grey/translucent.

Foods that are supposed to be good for your hair:
-Salmon and Oily Fish
-Cereal and Nuts
-Chicken, Red Meat and Beans/Lentils

My ambition is to have long natural hair. with no split ends, and to one day be able to put it in a beehive. 
I'll keep you updated on my hair situation, but today is hair cutting day to keep it healthy. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

lily cole

Ever since Doctor Parnassus I have fallen in LOVE with Lily Cole. She started modelling at 14 and has graced the cover of V, Vogue, and controversially Playboy. Besides looking like a porcelain doll and having amazing red hair she repetitively amazes me. She manages to keep her token look but somehow look completely different in add campaigns for Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Hermes, Longchamp, Cacharel and Topshop.

At the end of her long days of modelling and keeping me entertained she finds time to be an environmental activist for gold mining. 
Keep up the good work Lily. Hermes fall 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

homeless lace

Im not one for the extreme grungy look, especially when I walk out of my house (on the edge of the ghetto) and find myself wearing the same jacket as the man begging for change on the corner!) but this dress caught my attention with its slightly chewed and spat up raw hem. I feel like this could be the new grunge version of lace. It is part of a new collection by Mono named EQUILIBRIUM, part of a pop up shop in Vancouver in mid October. 


Deciding what to first write about has been a struggle but I decided to go with what I have been struggling with for the past couple of months. COLOUR. Why is it that three out of the ten “IT” colours of this season (fall 2010) are what I like to call “NOT” colours?! As an example Pantone has said that Oyster Gray 14-1107, which doesn’t exactly look like a grey grey but more of a grey with undertones of well… white, blue, and nothing, will be one of the top colours for next season with 11.9% of designers using it in their collections. Next we have Rose Dust 14-1307 which is not so rosy and very gross and dirty. Designers have called it feminine but it does not look very “baby girl bedroom wall colour” or like bouquet of flowers to me, but more gray. This is funny because oyster Gray is hardly gray! At ten on the list of Pantone’s “IT” colours iis Endive 13-0632. Less than half as many designers used it as used the not so gray, but this with 5.10% designers using it my eyes are already starting to bleed! It looks like a washed down Lemon grass yellow that designers shoved at us two seasons ago because a presidents wife wore it. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for Obama, but just because a presidents wife can wear shades of peach, and beige, does not mean that the majority of the population can wear a NUDE and not look… well… NUDE! Endive is an African plant that is used in salads like lettuce. This plant is also a perfect example of a NOT colour. It is not green, not yellow but DOES have a water down look that reminds me of bodily fluids. In the end I am left with 7 better colours to choose from, and a hope that a smart designer will understand that not every woman can have dark skin, and that there are FOUR general colour groupings for clients. 


I have recently hit a point in my life where I am struggling with age vs. attitude, dress and technology. Do I conform to this blogging ritual that is so intriguing yet foreign or do I continue to pretend I’m young but constantly think about trying to dress older and act “mature”. This blog, of which this is my first post, may end up being a mish mash of my loathes and loves of the fashion world combined with the memories of childhood television shows and games, and my desire to become a woman but not become “boring” per say. It may also include my newest love DOORS. Yes doors. In my neighbourhood of Cabbage town there are amazing doors on houses, stores, and apartments, that lead me to imagining who lives behind the doors and what they do/ dress like.