Monday, January 30, 2012

Kardashian Denim- Topless Add

The Kardashian sisters released their new add for their denim collection for Sears today. Its a little risque but it gets the point across that they are selling jeans.

Obviously Khloe is sucking in x2098209384 but I'm super jealous of her hair so that makes up for it. Also her legs look SO long. 
Kim is super smart with her pose because it hides any stomach flaws she may or may not have. 
Kourtney looks fab skinny (as per usual) and looks great even though she is upside-down. 

Their last photo in their denim is bland, and a little 1990's. Of course they look great but I love the new add. 

Kim Kardashian in Bright Yellow Blazer

Yesterday Kim was seen out and about in a bright yellow blazer, Louboutins, and leather leggings. I LOVE the bright blazer!! I need to wear my bring pink one while they are still trending!

Rose Byrne's Elie Saab jumpsuit at the SAGS

I found most of the outfits at the SAGS this year boring and bland. This sequin jumpsuit is INCREDIBLE though!!! I love the wrap effect with the waistband woven through. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Givenchy Couture 2012

I can't wait till further images come out. I want to see all their nose rings closer.

I HATE the basketball in this shot. It ruins the earthy, simple colours of the shot. Also the shot is unbalanced. Too much white on the right. Mix it up or put it in order of light to dark! 
I LOVE the dress on the far left. I want to see it up close. 

Couture couldn't buy a nice tanktop??

The MOST STUNNING image of all. This is surreal. Somehow the model is wearing the jewelry, and it isn't wearing her. Man her ears and nose must hurt tonight thought!

I want to see a closeup of whats happening at the bottom of her shirt!

Versace Spring 2012 Couture

This out of this world collection is so unique and different.  I love the jetson'y style curves extending from the figure. I would love to see a photo of the entire collection together to see what the pops of colour look like. I would also love to see a close up of the dress below to see if the bodysuit under the dress is yellow or if that's just the image.

I haven't particularly liked this style of Versace dress in the past but this one looks stunning on this twig of a model. I think the hair and her muscular shoulders and arms helps the look.

Not the best photo but I will always love Lily Cole. 

I wonder who will be wearing this on the red carpet this season. 

This CRAZY dress is a little too wonky on this crazy looking model. 

These shoes confuse me...

Ellery AW 2012

 I'm not sure if I'd wear any of it but its interesting thats for sure. How would you walk in these skirts? they are so long. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Danier Design Challenge- Another photo

Another photo of me and my cute little model, this one is from the Ryerson site.

Danier Design Challenge- Blogging about being blogged about!

Last week I placed 3rd in the Danier Design Challenge!

Many blogs have posted about the first place winner, and have mentioned my placing but this one actually included a photo of me.

Congrats to Meagan Johnston for getting 1st, and Jayson Araja for 2nd! I thought it was kinda cool that Meagan is from Winnipeg (2hrs from my birth place) and Jayson and I are both from Vancouver. The west side of Canada is kicking butt!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gucci 2012 Pre-Fall

 I LOVE the print in the first couple of outfits. I actually wish there had been more of it, especially in the dark pink and grey on the dress three down. The sinched waists are so sheek and classic. And i LOVE the juxtoposition of the background against these outfits and prints.

 Outfit on the right belongs in my closet!!

 I love the red shirt, and the velvet? pants on the right.

I love the long black gloves with the plain black coat! not a big fan of the 1980s cut of the lapel and sleeves on the jacket on the right.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

White Rooms and Clear Furniture

 I saw this photo and was inspired by the glass and by the white. I interpreted it into interior design ideas.

So sleek. This piano must sound so interesting.

 So modern, so sleek, but look two clocks!
 I love the strong accents of black in this room, and the mirrored end table. The room has such a unique mix of modern (the egg chair), and  classic (the fluidity of the chair on the left)

This Room is amazing even thought the closet is ikea. Only problem I can foresee is the pillows falling backwards off the bed in the night.