Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dolce and Gabbanna Spring 2012

I LOVE this collection (for the most part). The garden prints are so fun and happy, and the cuts are perfect for my body (Thank god for high waisted apparel). The colour combos are to die for. The only thing I'm surprised and grossed out by is the orange plastic, see-through outfits, and an occasional random flower applique. Other than that LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

Chilli dress. I want one. 


HOLY see-through rain jacket with flowers appliqued 

Who would have thought, I love a dress covered in beets!

So glad I'm not the only one who wears lace dresses

This outfit is a little out of place. Did a Chanel model get lost at the tents??

PUMPKIN! Where did this come from!?!! why!!!

Why did someone ruin this with little flowers?

I love that they used the same cuts and changed up the colours and patterns. 

Not sure how I feel about the swirly boobies....

Armani Spring 2012 RTW

Mr Armani, IM SO CONFUSED. Your normally the master of design and this season I am not impressed. The crotch on most of the pants is bulging, and there are so many boring garments. Where is the fun? where is the LIGHT that inspired this collection?? 
Thank God I love the jacket above and dress below or else I may not want to look at your collections anymore. 

Oh hey crotch!

Oh hey my curtain sewn in a square. 

This hem!!!! THIS HEM!!!

This one is alright but I see nothing special in it...

This one is just strange...

Dresses over pants are FAR to 1990s and we are not even close to bringing those back!! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Life fashion ebbs and flows

I find it interesting how fashion ebbs and flows over time, but that there are also fashion cycles within out lives. Lets analyse cartoons for example. Hello kitts, barbie, etc is cool from ages 2-7, then we start to hide the fact that we love/play with them.

Then at the age of 13 or 14, for me when high school began, things from the early 1990's were once cool again, but in small doses, as one was never sure when it would become uncool. 

Towards 17 years of age this cool trend started to die out (for my schools at least). Now fashion icons, designers, and stores are trying to bring things like this back for my demographic. 

(Lady Gagas heels)

London Fashion Week some Highlights and Lowlights.

Antonio Berardi
simple, elegant, lovely

Christopher Kane- I don't like the entire collection. 
Most of it was boring, ill fitting, or like a child's craft table

Beautiful fit, beautiful patterns. 
Is it just me or do you see a hint of Mad Men?

Mark Fast
Where is the wearability in half of it? The other half is very vibrant and anti economic meltdown.  I love the sirens makeup and hair.

Michael Van der Ham
Magazine clippings thrown together anyone?? I do not understand the pieces together, but apart they are cute. 

Peter Pilotto
Holy art openings and alternative film festival openings! The artsies will eat this collection up. 

This collection is NOT for me, no cohesion, no style, lots of blah. 
It always amazes me when designers can make giagantuous models look a few inches tall. 

Nicole Farhi
Simple, Fun, Vibrant. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

grownup onsie- winter has begun!

Mother nature has decided I can wear my grown up onsie (which was  3 dollars!).