Friday, January 28, 2011


And the SHOE TOWER OF GLORY is done!
Im in shock and awe. 


Canada Goose VS Moose Knuckles. Capitalizing on Canada

The Canada Goose jacket company is an "authentically Canadian" known for having "stylish" yet functional jackets. Starting in 1957 they produced Canada Goose down insulated, coyote fur trim on hoods "because it is necessary" for warmth. They are  tested in north america by "Canadian Arctic Rangers – police forces working in sub-zero temperatures – to US National Science Foundation researchers stationed in Antarctica, to oil rig workers and even Arctic Air pilots." 

"All Canada Goose products are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship" meaning they don't protect against ripping or zipper breaking. 

Canada Goose believes that live plucking is cruel so instead they kill the animal to pluck it. Which is worse?!
Their coyote fur trim is used to make an air pocket around the face to keep it from freezing. They adhere to the "fur council of canada." The Canada Goose website says "The fur industry is an excellent example of an industry based on sustainable use. All the furs used by the trade are abundant. Absolutely no endangered species are used. In the Canadian fur trade, government wildlife officials and biologists ensure responsible use by establishing controlled hunting and trapping, harvest quotas, licensing, and training courses. Strict government regulations ensure that
these quotas and seasons are respected." They also justify this use by "supporting the native Canadian communities of the North and their centuries-old ways of life that are now being threatened. "

Their Fill Power, or down fluffyness is measured at 625, 675, and 750. They do not supply temperature ratings for their garments, they claim that everyone reacts differently to temperatures. 

Their gloves are made in China but they claim to monitory their factories rigorously, and are in search of a good quality Canadian glove manufacturer. 

The shells of their jackets are made of "Polartec® Power Shield O²® fabric. " What is this Actually?!?!??!?!?!
"With a tightly woven face that blocks 96% of the wind and allows the remaining 4% to penetrate and circulate within the jacket, the warmth-to-weight ratio is maximize" Thats great, they are warm we get it! But what are they actually made of? What is the threadcount? Are they ripstop? 

RED- The shells are protected with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) fabric protector.
  • orange – down-proof containment inter-lining
  • grey – premium down
  • green – down-proof nylon lining
Their website claims they use a technology called C_Change (a Schoeller technology) and 3XDRY® treatment. C_Chane is a waterproof and windproof membrane which independently reacts to changing temperatures and activities. "Similar to pine cones, it closes when exposed to cold and opens in response to warmth. The prevailing humidity and body moisture are taken into account in this process. Due to high level of breath ability, combined with insulation adapted to the respective situation, c_change™ ensures the ideal body climate." and 3XDRY® treatment  "is water, dirt and stain repellent. On the inside, any moisture resulting from perspiration is quickly absorbed and distributed over a large surface area, accelerating the evaporation process." It does not state where this fabric is used on garments or what garments it is used in. 

All this jiberish continues! "The strategic distribution and linking of multi-zone down insulation with a functional secondary fabric within one garment to utilize both the warmth and protection of each material without limitations for maximum, flexibility and comfort.." Majoring in fashion design and I still don't understand this circular talk! They have created a word to make us think that their fabric is better than the norm and are marketing their term to market their product. 

They use YKK and RIRI zippers


Moose Knuckles is a Toronto based company started in 2006 and is owned by Will Poho and Mark Peros Ryerson Fashion grads. It uses sex to sell their appearel, and humour (a moose knuckle is a term used to describe a male camel toe). Their logo is of a metal hoof.  They only retail 100  a year (originally it was 50 and they ended up selling the ones they were wearing!) and they retail for aroung $700 each, but are expensive to produce. 

Inside the jacket is a large embroidered tag of a famous hockey fight between Canada and the states where they are "KNUCKLING." VERY smart advertising! They have lost many sales to Americans because of this but have probably gained many Canadian sales. I personally love this little touch. 

Their jackets all state what they are made out of on the website, most being 100% cotton, with 100 %  down proof nylon lining to make it waterproof. Their down is not Canadian but Ukranian grey duck, but they are not named Canadian Duck so this seems okay. The garments are made in Winnipeg, Canada though. 

Their Fill power or what they call Down loft is  320+. 
They use YKK zippers (the same as Canada Goose).

Fur- Blue Fox fur is used and is detachable for those with allergies or wearing in less cold temperatures. Their website states nothing about the factors in their fur usage. 

Moose Knuckles website has little information about their fabrication, but obviously feels that they do not need to justify their fabrication and construction. If they are only making 100 of each jacket a year (that is 600 jackets) they are using much less fur than Canada Goose. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chanel Couture Spring 2011

I am truely shocked by how much I DISLIKE this collection! Karl what were you thinking?!
In what was is this collection Couture? I'm sure the fabrics are expensive and the sewing impeccable but most of it looks like it could be found at H&M. 
What are the models wearing on their feet?
Duck flats or ducktape?

Since when is pants under skirts okay?!!!

This woman weighs 0.2 lbs and this dress makes her look huge! What would a normal woman look like in it?

This is one of the only outfits that gives a women any curves and yet it is still now flattering. 

Lindsey Wixson looks four feet tall, and like she has GIANT hips in this outfit, and the makeup does her no justice. 

I have no words for how bad this is. 

What even would one wear this too? An off the shoulder/ halter top with kangaroo pockets?!!!! and a sheer hobble skirt that is cut right above the ankle?!

Finally a garment with some movement!

WHERE did this come from?! Its like the Karl took acid and threw up the 60's in the middle of his collection!

"Mom for christmas I want an anorexic model in a shiny white box"

Grandma is that you as an angel with her sleeves torn off? 

I apologize Rachel Zoe! There is NOTHING for the oscars here. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Christian Dior Spring 2011 Couture Couture

A true Dior woman, with her pinup hair synched waist going to a masquerade. 

(please note the model is Lindsey Wixson) 

the best skirt I've seen in forever!
Lee Hye Jung (WM)
One hot pasty model!

The new silhouette I call the Egg.
An amazing dress, a horrible colour. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dior Homme Fall 2011 runway

In true Dior fashion Kris Van Assche designed a well crafted fluid and simple collection. Its craftsmanship is impeccable with oversized garments and elegant lines.