Thursday, October 25, 2012

BCBG Fall 2012 wishlist

This season BCBG has a skew of accessories that range from beautiful to outrages. Two things I love!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Leather Jumpsuits

The last post sent me on a bit of a hunt for leather jumpsuits. 

Tank Fall 2012 Leather Editorial

These badass babes make my day. One day I'll get a leather dress. 

LEATHER JUMPER. Enough said. 

I would love to see this dress up close!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chanel Details

This video is stunning. I love the India influence, the music, the dreadlocks, and well.... everything...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Camille of Coexist

I recently saw a photo on Lookbook of a stunning girl wearing an evening gown. I was entrigued and investigated. When I found out this girl was the designer of the dress I fell in love. 

Some of her Couture Designs

Camille Tries to Blog, is an amazing blog by Camille who describes herself as "fashion designer, sometimes a model, occasionally a stylist and as of April 2011, officially a blogger." She is also the  co-owner of a store in Manilla, Coexist. Camille and her sister Charlotte Co own a fashion company that designs RTW, one of a kind couture, and also carries other brands. 

These are some photos of Camille from her blog. I love how she mixes different patterns, and beautiful gold jewelry. 

The sisters have won many awards including the Preview Magazine's Emerging Talent in 2010, Preview Magazine's 10 Best Dressed Women in 2011, and one of MEGA Magazine's 10 Most Stylish in 2011, and 20 most Stylish in 2012. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Beautiful Jewels- India Influence

This season on the runway, India was a big inspiration for a lot of designers. I found that a lot of designers have been using Indian style jewelry for a while, and that no matter how old the collection is, it is still very beautiful. 

I wish I could get away with wearing half of these! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chanel Spring 2013

WHERE do I begin with this collection?! There are so many HIDEOUS garments, and way too many pearls, yet there are some really good ideas. I've tried to include photos of what I like, or don't mind, and am trying not to show all that I find wrong with this. 

I really didn't get the collection until I put my mind in Karl's. The scene was that of solar panels and windmills. The garments were basically haute couture post apocalypse. The materials were a bit strange, but I think he was trying to go with anything that looked like a solar panel. The dress below is stiff yet elegant. I particularly like his play on accessories. I HATED the purls though. They were very over done, in a way that was almost like he was trying to keep everything uniform in some way or another. 

I love this little bag. Its different, small, cute. 

The makeup was very sexy alien. Thank god it was kept simple. 

I love me a Lindsay Wixon. Thank god she is in a normalish outfit! the dress underneath is one of the only classic Chanel pieces in the collection. I really enjoy the modern raincoat overtop. Personally I don't enjoy drop shoulders though. The shoes are UGH, but yes they are in trend for next season. 

This outfits modern Chanel. If Chanel went in this direction I'd be happy. 

This dress has NO shape, the jewelry is too much, but up close the handmade textile is amazing. 

WHAT IS THIS?! REALLY KARL?? leave this to DSquared.

These hats are SO much fun. If only someone was actually wearing one. I love how they go with the solar panel theme. One day we may need hats that large. 

This one is a little off, but is actually really elegant up close. Some of the little purl buttons have the CC Logo on them.  

Love Lindsay. HATE this dress. 

 I love love this bag, and this shot. Its so over the top! It would be so much fun in editorials. 

Look at her glasses! They have a Chanel cutout on them, with the purl necklace on. If only there were more of these in the collection, and perhaps more than ONE bathing suit!?!! 

A more classic Chanel Look. 

This lego look purse should have been shown more. 

The classic venue, with a modern twist.