Monday, September 24, 2012

Roberto Cavalli S/S 2012

This Roverto Cavalli collection is superb. It mixes some of the seasons most quintessential trends: White, patters, blazers, pant suits, sheers, layers, and silk dresses. The slashed leather pants are signature Cavalli. Even though there are all the crazy things going for Cavalli this season the collection is well edited, with each idea implemented in many outfits. 

 I LOVE all the insane textures going on in the image above. A snakeskin bolero, leather slashed pants, and a see through lace embroidered dress. Laser cutting is making a mark on fashion.

This blouse is amazing. It will definitely be replicated by cheaper brands for next season. The pants are crazy, not really wearable, but are really original. 

If only I could wear something like this without looking like I'm wearing pj's! 

Colour combo= impecable. 

The carryover from the silk scarf patterns of last season.

DSquared S/S 2013

Where does one start with this collection?! It is so very classic DSquared! Over embellished, mixed genre, yet wearable. I would describe this as girly (pink and perrls) rocker (black and leather), biker (more leather), classic (pearls), Canadian?? (denim shorts and t-shirts) and dominatrix..... As always the smartest/ best thing about these designs are their individual saleability (minus the hats...). Not to mention my fav model is wearing the outfit above. 

This look can be broken down into shorts, shoes, belt, necklace, blouse, jacket, purse, hat, and all the other jewelry. 

I love this look. Its so sexy biker chique. I love everything about the look, right down to the shoes. 

This look is so strange that its hot. Its dominatrix meets gold queen. 

This ones a little too witchy for me.

Did Betsy collaborate on this one? Its actually really cute that they put hears on a harness. 

Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2013

This D&G collection is so perfectly co-ordinated that I want it all so that I can mix and match for the rest of my life. The mixtures of crazy Sicilian prints, stripes, and basket woven dresses are incredible. The collection is like an amazing dream that Tim Burtan was involved in.... except he wasn't....

If someone wears this on a red carpet my life will be complete!

This closing number had the audience instantly applauding. 

My Design: Corset and Skirt

I finally got back a corset I made last year. Its made of white cotton coutil, and lined with a tightly woven cotton. It is a simple corset made to go with two silk skirts I have yet to make!!! Hopefully photos of those will be up soon.

Thankyou Sami my love for taking the photos. <3