Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crazy salad!

I made a crazy salad for breaky today cause I had baby bok choy to use up. 
Ingredients; baby bok choy
mayonaise (a teeeeny bit) 
grated ginger

and if you have it, as I did not, red onion, and mustard seeds

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Womens Motorcycle Jacket

About two months ago I started the mission of researching, illustrating, drafting, and sewing a women's motorcycle jacket in my size. I didn't have my sewing machine around, and didn't have much time so it has been a slow process but I am finally at a stage where I have a product in han. Although I am not finished (I'm in the last stages of sewing) I can officially say that this is the most complicated thing I have EVER drafted and sewn! My evening wear dress was a lot of hand work but this jacket has been a feat for the drafter in me. It includes elbow, shoulder, lower and upper back pads which is similar to drafting for a pregnant woman with six babies spread out around her body.

This jacket has A ZILLION (maybe not thatttt much) pattern pieces, and many materials (all black) including leather, a windbreaker weight nylon, a medium weight nylon, and a fused nylon, mesh, lining, foam, lace, and fusing. As well as 2 buttons, 6? snaps, 6 metal zippers, 1 plastic zipper, bias tape, twill tape, top stitch thread, normal thread, 3 tags, 6 straps with Velcro, 5 pad pockets with velcro, ANDDDD piping.

I can't wait to be finished it and to show it off! If I find time to finish it by Sunday I might get to show it off at a stunt show!!! WOOOOIE

Photos to come!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dior Couture 2012- A mess

We all know Galliano was booted for a good reason but the latest designers of Dior, Ricardo Tisci, threw up his imagination of candy, clowns, and torn material on models he embellished to look as if they  just landed on a plane from the 70's. Obviously this didn't work in his interest. “I miss John so much,” said Anna Dello Russo, editor-in-chief of Japanese Vogue. As an additive to this Karlie didn't open the show, but instead closed it dressed as a horrifying clown fit for a haunted house. Time for Galliano to man up and appologize so we can have the real Dior back!  

This is one of the only dresses I could stand but the question still remains. Why is the models hair and makeup the same as Johns last show??