Friday, March 7, 2014

The recipe for a perfect luxury bag

It seems to me that luxury goods companies figured out what sells during a recessions and have started to build their stores around that. Their runways look the same (with a tad less, whimsy, and a tad more classic pieces) as before the recession, but their stores are carrying more and more bags, and less garments. Before the recession Chanel, and LV (to name only two of many) were known for their bags, but recently other stores such as Hermes, Givenchy, and Prada have made their staple goods consistently more popular. They determined the recipe for a highly popular selling item and ironically their expensive "elite" bags look very similar.

The recipe for a perfect sell:
-Two handles
-One detachable shoulder strap
- Structured "boxy" look
- Medium sized (will easily fit wallet, makeup, cellphone, and Ipad)
- Small, indiscriminate logo between handles
-A branded tassle/toggle/large zipper pull/ tag/ lock
- Line with leather if you want to price it even higher
- Remake this bag every season in a few new colours and textures. If your funky like Givenchy put a bambi or polka dots on the bag. 
- Price for the elite.


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