Monday, March 17, 2014

Irada Ramadanova, model and socialite

This week I had magical plans to write OOTD blog posts, and to go to a cool little boutique in Abu Dhabi, but low and behold I'm still sick/ sicker and sicker. On top of that my hubby is working a million hrs this week so I'm trying to be a good wifey and make healthy dinner, keep the house clean, and be here for him whenever he needs me. 

So. This weeks post is about Irada Ramadoanova because I've been on Instagram a lot lately and she has really inspired my fashion sense. 

Irada Ramadanova a model and socialite is a gorgeous facionista who inspires my fashion sense. She dresses in luxurious, high end, fashion but also knows how to kick it in sneakers and a ballerina bun. She is originally from Almaty, Khazakhstan but currently lives in Moscow. As a model and an up and coming fashion icon she is constantly traveling, and attending launch parties. She has recently been to Dubai, Baku, Cannes, London, and many other places. 

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