Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pompom Couture Dubai- at Prime Dubai @ Sunset Mall Jumeirah

This weekend I had the opportunity to go to Prime Dubai's fashion market as Sunset Mall. I was really impressed by the quirky attitude of the stores in the mall but was mostly let down by the market stalls. I think some were still arriving and setting up when I was there, even though it started at 3 and I was there are 3:30. The first table had jewelry and the lady said it was from all over the world, she even had a piece from Canada! I asked who designed/ made it and she said she couldn't tell me, and that she just buys and resells pieces. I was really offended by how someone could sell a piece without making a buyer aware of the designer so I left quickly. 
Other than a few stalls not of my taste there was a table with unique clutches and a booth with youthful, and vibrant womenswear. 

The funky rtw/abaya line is named Pompom Couture. The Emirati designer was so easy to talk to and genuine. She said they just started the line, but I can tell it will easily become a hit. The pieces have a classic silhouette but use colourful patterns and have unique embellishments. 

This was the most classic looking tank, while the others had chilly pepper, mask, and bow designs. So fresh and different compared to the dull designs at the mall. 

I tried on the cheetah print abaya in turquoise and violet. The two tones suited my pale skin while the simple cut with velvet binding down the centre elongated me (I was also in 6" heels, LOL), making me looking slimmer. 

For more information don't hesitate to e-mail Pompom Couture at THIS email or you can visit them on facebook

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