Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The 6 essential under/basic garments!

The 6 essential under/basic garments every woman needs for every day life, the weekends, and going out. 

There are a few essentials every woman needs to be comfortable, and at ease when out with friends, at work, or whatever it may be she is doing. Needless to say there are certain occasions when one must go and buy a weird scooped bra, t-back bra, or pushup/backless/nude/body sculpting thing-a-ma-bob. 

1) Nude Convertible Bra

No questions asked, all ladies must own a skin toned convertible bra. It is best if the straps are able to be moved from side to side along the edges of the bra so that they can be adjusted to wide or narrow set tops. Choosing undergarments that are the same colour or similar colour to your skin is best because it tends to show the least under garments even when light hits you at different angles. If you wear a white undergarment it may not show in your bathroom lighting, but with the flash of a camera its bright colour will show through far too many outfits. 

2) Spanx or nude shorts similar to Spanx


In my opinion high waisted ones with bum push up, and some nice lace edging are the best. Not only do they help control the tummy, thighs, and bum jiggle but they aren't as un-sexying as most because of the small lace detail. 

3) Black Nylons

Plain black nylons are a staple in my wardrobe. In Canada I would wear them under shorts, dressed, and skirts all fall and spring. In the UAE i wore them a few times during the winter when going to hotels for dinner. They instantly make an outfit more classy, and also help control problem areas. For me they disguise my veins as I'm so pale they show through my skin. I own a few different options including thick wool, dex 10, dex 5, and a sheerer pair with a black line up the back. 

4) Bike Shorts

Sakkas Bike Short Cotton/Poly

Cotton shorts, especially high waisted ones, are perfect for under a dress in the summer. The cotton is breathable, and especially useful when you don't want a dress or skirt clinging to your legs or bottom, but don't need the control top help. I find high waisted shorts to be best because you don't have to pull them up throughout the day. 

5) Tank tops

Iconic- 40Dirhams/ $13 CAD

Tank tops are an affordable essential that are needed under see-through blouses, dresses, t-shirts and loose knit sweaters. They are also useful when you want to wear a top that is the right length when standing normally but has a tendency to ride up when you sit or bend over. I tend to look for longer tanks so that I can tuck them into my pants and not have to worry about midriff showing throughout the day. 
My wardrobe consists of a variey of tank tops, including a large veritey of colours (white, black, wine, mint, purple, pink, beige, blue, forest, etc!), and a variety of cuts including spaghetti strap, ribbed cotton razor back, and spandex blend knit with 1.5" straps and a scoop neck. 

6) Bandeaus


Bandeaus are the perfect item for when a little extra cleavage coverage is needed but a tank is not mixing and matching properly. They don't slide down easily (when fit properly), and are affordable so it is easy for someone to own a verity of colours. I find I wear them the most under maxi dresses, when I need to cover a little cleavage, but can't have spaghetti straps showing. They are also great when you don't want the tank rolling up at the waist, or have extra seams showing. 

7) Undies!
No matter how much I've tried to narrow this down, there is no way to. Every woman needs a crazy variety of undies! Every lady needs: seamless & sewn, stringy & booty short, black/nude/colourful, patterned & plain, cotton & polly blend!  There will always be an occasion throughout the year when I go "AHHHH what undies go with this!" Wether is it a matter of colour, shape, or seams, each and every woman needs to have a lot of options because the last thing we want is to draw attention to what is going on under our clothing when out and about. 

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