Friday, March 9, 2012

I wish I knew what show this is from. Recently I have fallen even more in love with mystery and sensuality. I have also fallen in love with covering my body. Why wear skimpy clothing that you have to fix all day long (making sure the girls are in place) and get the wrong kind of attention when you can feel beautiful, and get the right kind of attention (for your brains and personality) by dressing covered up. 

Not only am I the only one feeling this one feeling this way. All over the runway I am seeing scarves around necks, shirts buttoned up all the way, and long skirts. 

Today Rachel Zoe's Facebook posted the photo below with Barbara Palvin, in Vogue Spain. Although it isn't of a headscarf or a someone remotely covered I love the face shield. I'm sure its not the most pleasant thing to wear in the summer, or to eat in, but the mystery invoked by this photo is amazing. I give kudos to the women who wear scarves and or cover their faces, as I still have a hard time in class keeping my sweater on (don't worry I have a shirt underneath for when I get far too overheated!!!).

A stunning photo.

 A hijab on the cover of a vintage Vogue (sorry I don't know what edition it is)

Lanvin Pre-Fall

Style  Hana Tajima

Lanvin Resort 2011

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